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Sector: Pharmaceutical Technology

Area: Transdermal Drug Delivery.


Company is advancing the science of transdermal drug delivery with a spray-on delivery system to deliver medications directly through the skin, for systemic or localized application. Products spray onto intact skin, rub in and are completely absorbed almost immediately.


Clinical Need

Many drugs cannot reach their intended target because they cannot successfully reach the area of need. Pills may create GI problems or require higher dosing (resulting in, for example, high likelihood of liver & kidney toxicity).  This delivery approach enables clinical success for compounds too toxic for oral dosage.  Relief expected to be equivalent to or better than oral meds with much faster onset. Spray delivery has additional appeal in pediatric and geriatric applications where swallowing can be problematic


Scope of Problem/Opportunity

Company believes its initial target market exceeds $300 Million in annual sales. This include Hormone Replacement Therapy (“HRT”), Pain Management, Alzheimer’s and anti-infectives (anti-malarial). The technology opens up the potential transdermal drug universe to potentially 4,000 drugs (from the current 17).


Painful needle use for kids, oral drug toxicity for internal organs, delay in activity onset with pain medications.  

Interview with Kenneth B. Kirby, President & Chief Executive Officer of TDS

Click to download Transdermal Delivery Solutions Executive Summary


Patchless, efficient, safe, spray-on drug delivery methodology

Spray-on drug absorbs within a few minutes and delivers a rapid medical relief equivalent to injection.

Evidence that this will work

The Company’s lead product, Testagen® HypoSpray® Testosterone, has successfully completed four trials, including a preclinical Proof Of Concept (POC), In-Vitro Dermal Toxicity, clinical dose range response trial, and a Phase IIa comparison of Testagen® to AndroGel®. 

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